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November 15, 2020 2 min read

Is Zero Waste not new to you and have you spent a lot of time developing eco-friendly habits to minimize your waste? Plastic toothbrushes, bottles and bags are no longer at home? Well, congratulations!

Individual action is important and every little exchange helps to reduce plastic pollution. You probably agree that this is about changing habits. Once acquired, don't think about them anymore. It simply became your lifestyle. BUT... Along the way, you have also acquired a deep internal knowledge of zero-waste practices. This is incredibly valuable because you can help others give up their wasteful habits. The more people know about the problem and the solutions, the bigger the impact!

So why not take your waste-free journey to the next level and pass on your experience? This article will give you inspiration on how to share your emotion with your loved ones.

We all want family and friends to support our life choices and join our missions. Of course, you can't control someone else's lifestyle, but you can raise awareness and share your story and enthusiasm. Our three steps will help you get your people on board: say it, show it, support them!

Plastic pollution is finally on the global agenda. The problem has recently gained incredible media coverage, and even the zero-waste movement has made a noise in the world. There couldn't be a better time to talk about it with family or friends.

You are the expert: share your knowledge of the topic and talk about your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. Be open to discussions and questions. Some things may be obvious to you, but not to them.

Clearly, not everyone will understand you and your motivation and that is totally normal. Don't force it! Instead, set a good example and live it! This shows that it is actually possible and worth it.

If a friend or family member shows interest and wants to learn more, you can take the next step.

Give them a first idea of the zero-waste lifestyle. Invite them to join you at the supermarket and show how to avoid plastic packaging. Or how about taking a walk together to collect litter? Have you decided to bake your own bread or make your own toothpaste? Great, teach them the recipe or surprise them with a small gift.

The goal is to prove that this lifestyle is possible and fun and not a sacrifice. And hopefully, convince them to try it for themselves.