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About Us

How Eco-verde was born

Living 100% Eco-friendly with our ECO-friendly products, BPA-Free and riutilizzabili🌿
Eco-verde.it was created by a couple of friends, after realizing what we were actually part of the daily pollution and destruction of our ecosystem, only using everyday products.
We started to reduce our carbon footprint by using reusable bottles, for example, but we realized that although it was much better than single use products, the materials of which these products were made were not fully recyclable or biodegradable.
The fact that they were not biodegradable was still a big problem: eventually the products we used would end up in landfills, or even worse, dispersed into the environment or the ocean (as recycling is a difficult and expensive process and is not always adopted). Realizing this, we began to look for new, more eco-friendly alternatives.
After careful research we discovered biodegradable and eco-sustainable materials such as: BPA plastic free products, bamboo and wheat straw. These materials are not only long lasting, but also biodegradable and therefore it is our duty to make them more used and known.
Our goal is to replace products made of plastic with eco-sustainable and biodegradable products hoping to inspire other people to do so!

How can we act even only in everyday life to not pollute?

It is necessary to reduce the use of polluting materials in everyday life, from the disposable plastic glass to the plastic bag for shopping. Billions of tons of plastic pollute our planet every day, so we must choose to use eco-sustainable and biodegradable materials in order not to damage our already widely deteriorated planet. We want everyone to help save the planet, one small gesture at a time, even if only by choosing to use eco-sustainable products.

Why not start now?

What do we offer?

We offer an alternative to plastic and other harmful materials used in everyday life, having products created with sustainable materials. The products are durable and can be reused for years, but when they complete their life cycle and end up somewhere on the planet, they will biodegrade easily. Materials will biodegrade in 9 months to 3 years depending on weather conditions. The products have no chemicals or dyes.